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When Doggie Daycare isn't an option

Posted by realdogtraining on April 15, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Doggie Daycare sounds like a great option, but for many it is not.  Don't worry, though, it is likely that you can find something that fulfills the needs of both you and your dog toward a happy pup and a healthy relationship. 

DoggieDaycare Alternatives

Many dogs will not benefit from a group play environment. Many factors are considered when a dog is evaluated, such as energy level, age, socialization, and level of anxiety.  Not only do we have to consider these factors in the dog being evaluated, but also the dogs already attending daycare.

DoggieDaycare should be socially and physically beneficial to all dogs involved.  The dogs that do well are generally dogsthat, from an early age ( 3 – 4 months old), attend group play and have many positive social interactions with dogs outside of the family dogs living at home.  These dogs tend to be outgoing,confident, not dominant and not excessively submissive.  Though nurture has quite a bit to do withthese factors, the breed and genetics also make a difference.

In the end,if your dog is not a good candidate for group play, it does not mean it has abehavior problem or that it is a “bad” dog. On the contrary, some of the best dogs that are most bonded with their owners do not benefit from group play settings. There are many alternatives to fulfill the much needed mental and physical activity that keeps a dog healthy and happy.  More often than not, human interactions are abetter reward than playtime with other dogs, anyway.  If you need to have your dog stay with us for the afternoon, we are still happy to accommodate in a non-group setting.

There are many other ways that can help you build a better and more active relationship with your dog as well as give the mental and physical stimulation that keeps them happy and healthy.

A few examples include:

Rally Obedience: If you think obedience sounds boring, you haven’t seen Rally O!  There are signs to help you know exactly whatto do.  You can talk and encourage your dog through the exercises.   Best of all, you aren’t expected to have your dog off leash until Advanced Rally O.  It is truly a sport filled with people anddogs that just want to have fun!

Agility:  Agility requires some basic obedience, such as a good recall and a good "stay" command, but it can be a fun and active sport for both you and your dog.  You do not have to compete to have fun.  Many do not.  You can also find plans on the internet to easily and cost-effectively build your own equipment.


Pet Therapy:  This can be a very rewarding way to helpothers while bonding with your dog.  It requires some obedience, but through the training experience, you and your dog learn effective communication and community service.  This is often a nice job for a laid back, less energetic dog that loves to go places and be a part of a group.  Clover Canine 4-H club in Warren County has aprogram to teach owners and certify dogs through the AKC recognized DeltaSociety.  Visit  http://4hpetpals.osu.edu/ or http://clovercanines.webs.com.



These are just a few ideas to get started.  Hiking, Boating, Daily walks, Frisbee,Flyball, and Freestyle are also great ways to interact and mentally stimulate your pampered pooch.  Not every activity is best for every dog, so choose something that best fits the personality of your dog and give it a try.  You may just have a blast!


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