Classes, Friends, and park pictures Classes, Friends, and park pictures Cree the Aussie Loves intellectual stimulation. How does your dog relieve stress? 189817560 I graduated! 189818176 Puppy class at Pet Palace Kennel 7261455 Happy Puppies These pooches are enjoying a fun day of training at the park. 189817561 Basic Manners at Docton AC Sadie, Rowdy, and Gracie 7262240 Basic Manners at Docton AC Diesel and Gracie 7262268 Cute puppy award! 189818177 Basic Manners at Docton AC Gracie 7262267 What a nice group of dogs. 7261439 Kinsey the Border Collie She was fostered in my home until she found her forever home. What a sweet girl! 7261456 Sassy learns to stay Sassy went through some training while staying for vacation. She is such a quick learner! 7261457 Lilly and Oliver the Pugs Two boarding pups that wear themselves out playing with my crew. These two are a hoot! 7261438 Chaos and Diesel Chaos had his first experience in the Dog Park 8098683 Nash, Diesel, Kye, and Chaos They finally wore themselves out. This was such a great experience for Chaos. 8098684 Chaos, Tuli, Kye investigate 8098685 Chaos and the group 8098686 Nash and Chaos Chaos finally learns that he can just relax around other dogs. Keep up the good work! 8098663 Harmony before her bath Harmony came over to get a bath and trim. She's a sweet little dog. 10062433 Harmony and Toby Harmony didn't mind her picture being taken at all, but little Toby doesn't seem too thrilled. 10062387